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Auburn Hills Aluminum Siding Painting

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Bloomfield Commercial Painting

Chesterfield Commercial Painting

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Macomb Twp Commercial Painting

New Baltimore Commercial Painting

Rochester Commercial Painting

Rochester Hills Commercial Painting

Shelby Twp Commercial Painting

Troy Commercial Painting

Washington Twp Commercial Painting

West Bloomfield Commercial Painting

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Bloomfield Deck Staining

Chesterfield Deck Staining

Clinton Twp Deck Staining

Macomb Twp Deck Staining

New Baltimore Deck Staining

Rochester Deck Staining

Rochester Hills Deck Staining

Shelby Twp Deck Staining

Troy Deck Staining

Washington Twp Deck Staining

West Bloomfield Deck Staining

Auburn Hills House Painting Contractor

Birmingham House Painting Contractor

Bloomfield House Painting Contractor

Chesterfield House Painting Contractor

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Macomb Twp House Painting Contractor

New Baltimore House Painting Contractor

Rochester House Painting Contractor

Rochester Hills House Painting Contractor

Shelby Twp House Painting Contractor

Sterling Heights House Painting Contractor

Troy House Painting Contractor

Washington Twp House Painting Contractor

West Bloomfield House Painting Contractor

Birmingham Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Bloomfield Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Chesterfield Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Clinton Twp Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Macomb Twp Interior Painter Exterior Painter

New Baltimore Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Rochester Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Rochester Hills Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Shelby Twp Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Troy Interior Painter Exterior Painter

Washington Twp Interior Painter Exterior Painter

West Bloomfield Interior Painter Exterior Painter




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Fraser Michigan Painting Services

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Imperial Painting Inc.
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
Oakland: (248) 275-5657
Macomb: (586) 412-9040

Our services include: Interior & Exterior Painting, Power Washing, Wallpaper Removal, Deck Care, Aluminum Siding Painting, Vinyl Siding Painting, Drywall Repair, Plaster Repair, Varnishing, Staining, Insurance Repairs, Smoke Damage Repair, Custom Color Matching, Rotted Wood Repair, Rotted Stucco Panel Repair, and more.

Our Michigan painting contractor services are available in several areas including the following:
Macomb Twp., Shelby Twp., Washington Twp., Birmingham,Rochester, Rochester Hills, Rochester, Sterling Heights, Bloomfield, Auburn Hills, Chesterfield, New Baltimore, Clinton Twp., Troy, West Bloomfield