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Aluminum Siding Refinishing Macomb Township Michigan

Aluminum Siding Refinishing Macomb Township Michigan

Aluminum Siding Refinishing

Aluminum Siding Refinishing

Believe it or not, aluminum siding first hit the market almost 70 years ago. At the time, it was a long-lasting, nearly maintenance-free alternative to the then ubiquitous clapboard or wood-shingle siding. Until the introduction of vinyl siding, aluminum siding was the dominant method for covering – and recovering – houses of that era.

The aluminum itself is essentially immune to rot, water, corrosion, and the elements. The paint, on the other hand, isn’t quite so impervious. The fine layer of paint applied to most aluminum siding can chalk – as they call it, fade, ware down to bare metal, or all three. This isn’t a defect in the siding or the paint, it’s simply the result of twenty to thirty years (or more) of exposure to the wind, rain, cold, and heat.

When aluminum siding began to fade and ware, homeowners were left with no option but to replace the aged siding with new. Since the late 1990s, homeowners have been offered another option to the costly replacement of aluminum siding. Now they can paint. Below are some tips to keep in mind when considering painting your aluminum siding.

1. Repair any damage to existing siding.

If at all possible, dented pieces should be removed and replaced. This should be done without damaging the existing siding. It’s also important to examine all aspects of your siding such as soffits, gutters, and drainpipes and repair as necessary before the painting process begins. It’s never a bad idea to call the professional painters to do the job for you. They have the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time.

2. Clean the siding.

This step is critical as it can determine whether or not your paint job is successful. The best way to do this is – of course – to hire a professional. Professional painting contractors use machines capable of heating water and directing it at the house at around 2,500 pounds of pressure. Even though you can rent equipment such as this, there are technique issues to consider as well. Professionals know how to handle the power washers so as not to loosen or dislodge the siding.

3. If necessary, apply a primer coat.

If the paint on your siding has a chalky feel, it’s a good idea to apply a specialty primer coat that allows the paint layer to adhere to the surface. It’s important to consult a painting contractor on this step as failure to use a primer coat can cause major problems down the line.

4. Use the right tools

It is possible to paint aluminum siding with a brush or roller but the best application method is still a power sprayer. And while these machines are available for purchase or to rent, it’s still a good idea to hire a professional siding contractor who has experience with refinishing aluminum siding. Handling the spray machines can be more art than science and mistakes can become readily apparent if care isn’t taken.

As you can probably surmise from the above tips, while you can refinish your aluminum siding on your own, you’d be better served to contact a professional who has experience with the task and can avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that first-timers inevitably make. The appearance of your house is an important thing…a thing that everyone sees on a daily basis. Entrust this delicate process to someone that can do it properly. And just think of all the time you’ll save! A professional aluminum-siding refinisher can – typically – get the job done while you’re at work which reduces the time it would take if you tried to do it yourself after work or on weekends.

>Basement Finishing Macomb Township Michigan

Basement Finishing Macomb Township Michigan

Finishing your basement needs to be done to your standards, while staying within your budget. As a local paint contracting company in Sterling Heights, MI, Imperial Painting has become a part of the community and offers affordable basement finishing for every budget! Once we prioritize your basement finishing needs, we let you know the cost of every element that goes into getting you the vision you have for your basement. The best part is that we don’t collect payment until you are completely satisfied with our work!

Basement Finishing

Finishing with Excellence

Basement Finishing

Imperial Painting is a full-service painting contractor and we do more than just finish a basement. We use the highest quality material to ensure your basement is finished with excellence and will last through the harshest of conditions.

Durable, insulated and waterproof materials are key to having a basement look brand new for years down the road, and that is our mission. We are a customer-focused company. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work around your timetable, provide free estimates, and are never finished with the job until we know you are completely happy.

Finishing your basement shouldn’t be a burden, it should be fun for the whole family. With Imperial Painting, a relationship is built on trust and we have a great time completing your project. Whatever your vision is for your basement, we can help you make it a reality. Call us today for a free consultation for your basement finishing and begin turning your dream basement into a reality!

>Caulking & Sealing Macomb Township Michigan

Caulking & Sealing Macomb Township Michigan

There are many advantages in properly caulking and sealing your Michigan home or business when it is done right. One important advantage would be the lower energy bill. Having caulking and sealing done properly in your home or Michigan business can save you up to thirty percent off of your energy bill. This is why it is important to have a Sterling Heights MI caulking and sealing professional come in and assist with your needs.

Caulking & Sealing

Looking For A Professional?

Caulking & Sealing

When you are looking for a Michigan company that is able to properly caulk and seal your business or home, you will want to make sure that they are professional, experienced, and diligent in their work. Making sure that the company you select is professional from the time they show up to the time the project is done is important because, if the workers are playing around, there is a chance that the job will not be done right. You will also want a company that not only can get the work done, but will also make sure that it looks good as well. Here at Imperial Painting we understand the need for professionalism and make sure that we get the job done right the first time.

Experienced Caulking and Sealing

Experience will go a long way when looking for a company that can properly assist you with your caulking and sealing needs. Experience will indicate that they will be able to come in, quickly and efficiently help you get your project done, and perhaps find other areas you are not aware of that might need work done as well. Here at Imperial Painting we have been in business for over twenty years and know our business inside and out which allows us to complete the project with the expertise that is needed.

Making sure that your caulking and sealing job is done right you will need to make sure that the company that you hire for this project is diligent and are paying attention to details. There are simple errors that will cause the caulking and sealing job to appear as an eye sore. You want a company that will focus on the job and get it done.

We at Imperial Painting understand that a caulking and sealing job should be done properly to ensure that your home or business does not have drafts and waste money on energy bills for warmth that is going out of a crack.

>Commercial Painting Macomb Township Michigan

Commercial Painting Macomb Township Michigan

As with your home, the color you choose for your office can have a major effect on both clients and employees. Color can often affect us on a subliminal level and put us in a certain mood without our even realizing what is going on. The color you choose to decorate with can create either a good or bad impression of your business. It’s important to avoid a bad impression and highlight the good qualities of your business, whether that’s professionalism, style, values, and more. As such, the color(s) you use in your office should be tailored to the type of business being conducted in that particular space.

At Imperial Painting Inc. in Sterling Heights, MI, we emphasize comprehensive and professional painting and home improvement so that your business gives a good impression, every time. We’ll work with you through every step of the painting process, making sure that you’re completely satisfied with the result.

Commerical Painting

Quality Painting for Businesses

Commerical Painting

Natural colors such as cream and beige can go a long way to setting the right tone to both clients and employees. However, these natural colors can give the impression that your work is boring and dull. Tamper the natural colors with more vibrant hues.

Blue is often a good choice for an office as it connotes honesty, security, confidence, loyalty, and wisdom. Green, on the other hand, is calming and suggestive of security while dark green is often used to show wealth and prestige. Whatever your choice, it’s always a good idea to add some of the complementary colors – orange with blue or red with green – to balance the dominant effects of your choice.

Paint Colors and Your Commercial Property

Having discussed color choice, please keep in mind that not all businesses will benefit by using the above-mentioned colors. Some offices need to examine the degree of seriousness under which they operate and make use of the color that is appropriate. As a general rule, the brighter the color the less serious is the business. So, for example, a children’s restaurant like Chuck E. Cheese would have no problem using very bright primary colors while a lawyer’s office would want to convey a more serious attitude and would, therefore, make use of more muted colors.

In addition, when choosing an office color, consider factors such as client age, cultural background, and sex. These will help you to determine what color is best for you.

>Custom Color Matching Macomb Township Michigan

Custom Color Matching Macomb Township Michigan

The colors that surround you and your family in your home can alter your mood, bring a décor style together and set a tone for guests. At Imperial Painting, we know how important color is, especially when you are remodeling or tackling your home improvement projects one at a time. When remodeling is completed in this manner, it can be difficult to find and use the same color palate. That is until Sterling Heights custom color matching from Imperial Painting!

Custom Color Matching

Bring it All Together

Custom Color Matching

Contrary to popular belief, or the belief of those frustrated home owners who have gone through gallons of paint trying to match existing colors in their homes, color matching can be done! When Imperial Painting arrives on the job, we’ll use a multi-step process.

First, lighting is key. The color you see on the walls is actually generated by the light that hits that object, so sunlight and lighting from lamps may create two different colors. The paint finish can also affect the color. The same color in an eggshell finish may appear as a different shade than in a satin finish. Because a sheen can affect the lighting so much, it is easier to match flat colors than glossy ones.

Professional Process

So before we can match colors, we must first match lighting and texture. We then need to wash the walls with a mild soap and water. Dirt, grease and dust can obviously change the appearance and color of paint, too. We’ll use the clean wall in even lighting to compare to our vast array of colored paint chips. It’s important that we use a wall with indirect light, not a wall with a sunbeam or harsh lamp light. We then test the color match with real paint and wait for it to dry, then adjust if necessary.

Although color matching seems like an easy do-it-yourself job, it can be a lot easier and less stressful when working with a professional. At Imperial Painting, we know the lighting and texture tricks, and we have all the paint chips and samples with us so you won’t be going back forth to the hardware store as you adjust colors. We’re the top choice for Sterling Heights custom color matching – just read our reviews and see for yourself!

>Deck Care Macomb Township Michigan

Deck Care Macomb Township Michigan

As one of the many services Imperial Painting has to offer, deck care is highly sought after. In Sterling Heights, Michigan, decks are exposed to the elements all year long. To avoid needing major repairs that can be expensive, hire Imperial Painting. Our deck care services are offered at an affordable rate with customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with your deck maintenance, we won’t stop until everything is exactly how you want it. Your happiness is our number one priority. We will show you the courtesy, respect, and professionalism you deserve – that’s the Imperial way. You don’t pay a cent until you are completely satisfied with your deck care service.

Deck Care

Deck Care in Michigan

Deck Care

Michigan is known for having harsh winter conditions with snow and muggy rain conditions in the summer. Your deck takes a beating from the weather. The weather isn’t the only thing that can damage your deck. Exposure to the sun can peel paint away, activity like pets or children running around can cause damage, and so much more. It can be hard keeping your deck maintained at a certain level all by yourself. But don’t worry! Our experts here at Imperial Painting have the knowledge to keep your deck looking beautiful no matter the condition! Your deck is your connection to the fresh air and wilderness just outside your home. Don’t let your deck care slide to the back burner and sever your connection.

>Deck Restaining Macomb Township Michigan

Deck Restaining Macomb Township Michigan

As one of the many services Imperial Painting has to offer, Deck Restaining is highly sought after. In Sterling Heights, Michigan, decks are exposed to the elements all year long. To avoid needing major repairs that can be expensive, hire Imperial Painting. Our Deck Restaining services are offered at an affordable rate with customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with your deck maintenance, we won’t stop until everything is exactly how you want it. Your happiness is our number one priority. We will show you the courtesy, respect, and professionalism you deserve – that’s the Imperial way. You don’t pay a cent until you are completely satisfied with your Deck Restaining service.

Deck Restaining

Deck Restaining in Michigan

Deck Restaining

Michigan is known for having harsh winter conditions with snow and muggy rain conditions in the summer. Your deck takes a beating from the weather. The weather isn’t the only thing that can damage your deck. Exposure to the sun can peel paint away, activity like pets or children running around can cause damage, and so much more. It can be hard keeping your deck maintained at a certain level all by yourself. But don’t worry! Our experts here at Imperial Painting have the knowledge to keep your deck looking beautiful no matter the condition! Your deck is your connection to the fresh air and wilderness just outside your home. Don’t let your deck care slide to the back burner and sever your connection.

>Deck Staining Macomb Township Michigan

Deck Staining Macomb Township Michigan

Your deck is an extension of your home and you treat it as such. Decorations are added to make it your own and it becomes its own little personalized getaway to the wilderness beyond. And just like the inside of your home, you may want your deck to have character and color. Painting your deck isn’t efficient because just regular paint will chip off fast. The key is to stain your deck. Staining your deck yourself can be a fun project, but if done incorrectly, you’ve spent all that time working for something that won’t last. Then it becomes a whole other project to restain it the proper way. Don’t work harder, work smarter and call Imperial Painting. If you need a touch-up restaining or you just want to change colors, our deck restaining experts can help.

Deck Staining

Deck Restaining the Imperial Way

Deck Staining

Imperial Painting is more than just a full-service paint contractor; we are a company focused on customer service. You are our number one priority. We complete our services and work around your schedule. If you aren’t available, we’ll wait. No matter when we conduct our work, we always give it our all and make it the best work we’ve done. If you’ve stained your deck and it went wrong, the frustration can settle in. We don’t want to add to your frustration; we want the restaining process to go smoothly. We will work until you are happy and your deck is the way you envisioned it. The best part is that you don’t pay a cent until you are happy.

>Drywall Installation Macomb Township Michigan

Drywall Installation Macomb Township Michigan

Whether you’re remodeling, changing up your home’s layout, adding a new office in your building, or you’ve just had some water damage that needs to be repaired, drywall installation can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re not quite sure what drywall even is or why it’s there. Here we’ll go over why and when you’ll need Sterling Heights drywall installation and the best ways to tackle it (with a professional like Imperial Painting, of course).

Drywall Installation

Drywall Basics

Drywall Installation

What is drywall, and why do you need it? Drywall is a construction material made from paper and a gypsum-based plaster. It entered the construction scene in 1916 as a lighter and more efficient wall covering material than plaster, with the added bonus that it is also easier to install and fire-resistant. While plaster installation requires multiple laths as support, drywall is usually manufactured in sheets and nailed to wooden support beams. Depending on the size of the space, drywall installation can be completed in a matter of days rather than the weeks it could take to install other materials.

You need drywall in your home to build out the interior walls, keep insulation in, hide wires and cabling and general y keep walls stable. Drywall helps walls and construction last longer. Outside of the initial build of your home or office, you may need drywall installation when you change wall placement, add temporary or permanent new walls, or make repairs due to water or fire damage.

Drywall Repair versus Drywall Installation

The most common cause for drywall repair or new installation is wall décor and improper wall hangings. Many people put nails, hooks and screws directly into drywall, causing it to weaken and deteriorate. When hanging a picture, mirror or other art element, always find a wooden stud behind the drywall and attach your hardware directly to the stud.

When hanging items or knocking into drywall, perhaps while moving furniture, you can create small scrapes and holes in the drywall. These can be filled in and repaired with a joint compound, drywall plaster and drywall tape, then painted over. Larger holes or water damage cannot simply be repaired, they will need new drywall installation.

Full-Service Painting Contractor

Repairing and installing drywall is best left to the professionals for a number of reasons. In older homes, there may be traces of asbestos in the drywall and acoustic ceiling. When the asbestos dust is released, it can cause serious carcinogenic harm when inhaled, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Older paints also contain lead, another known toxin when flaking and peeling. Imperial Painting is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certified Renovator. We’ve been trained on lead-safe techniques and know how to handle asbestos to keep your family, employees and the environment safe.

As with most home repairs and choosing to work with professional contractors, you get professional experience, expertise and equipment. You won’t have to rent or buy ladders, saws or scaffolding, and the work will be guaranteed.

>Drywall & Plaster Repair Macomb Township Michigan

Drywall & Plaster Repair Macomb Township Michigan

As one of the many services provided by Imperial Painting in Sterling Heights, Michigan, drywall and plaster repairs are something that we are called on for frequently. Now, if you have ever tried patching a hole in drywall before, you may have found out that is nowhere near as simple as those home improvement and remodeling shows on TV make it seem. For our licensed contractors, plaster and drywall repairs are second nature. As experienced painting contractors, we often need to patch a wall as part of pre-painting preparation.

Common Drywall and Plaster Repairs:

  • Chipped Corners
  • Water Damage
  • Nail, Screw, and Hanger Holes
  • Peeled Layers
  • Cracks in Plaster
  • Holes in Drywall

Drywall & Plaster Repair

Drywall & Plaster Repair

We work for a wide variety of clients, so we get all sorts of different calls. For landlords and property management companies, we often get called for basic painting and repairs after a tenant moves out or before a new one moves in. General contractors rely upon our speed and quality when it comes to painting, walls, and siding. Because we are able to focus on these home beautification projects, we can do them quickly and make sure that we do those things very well rather than trying to run around and do everything.

For years, people have relied on Imperial Painting. From drywall and plaster repairs to vinyl siding replacement, and interior and exterior paint, we have been here helping keep homes beautiful, offices fashionable, and storefronts presentable. We are a local team. We live here in the area. We are working for our friends, neighbors, relatives, people we have grown up around and people we have to deal with on an almost daily basis. That means that we put our best foot forward on every job. We know that it is our dedication and commitment to quality that has earned us a reputation as the painting company you want to work with in and around Sterling Heights, Michigan.

>Faux Finishing Macomb Township Michigan

Faux Finishing Macomb Township Michigan

Do you want to transform the rooms in your home to better reflect your style? Or maybe you just want an upgrade and change? With faux finishing you can change any room to be anything you want. You can even have faux finishing on a small scale by redoing kitchen cabinets or wood furniture. Here at Imperial Painting, we do it all – large and small scale! Whatever your faux finishing needs are, our experts are ready.

Faux Finishing

Array of Faux Finishing

Faux Finishing

When “faux finishing” was first coined, it consisted mainly of changing rooms to reflect natural elements such as wood or marble. With its gained popularity, it now encompasses all types of decorative paint finishes.

Having a faux finish can create any mood you wish for your home. Some imagine elegant, old-world fashions, while others want a contemporary atmosphere. Many just want a change in color. No matter what you want, we offer an array of faux finishing options at an affordable cost.

We conduct a consultation and take many factors into consideration before we deliver options. We look at the lighting in the room, furniture, flooring, and the scale of the job wanted. We always have your vision in the forefront of our minds when looking at elements to consider. Our work is customized to fit your vision while being practical in the space given. We are a customer service business and each of our faux finishing contracts reflects the wishes of the homeowner. Not only do we offer exceptional customer service, we are EPA Certified Renovators which means we are experts in lead-safe techniques regarding any home renovations.

>Fire Restoration Macomb Township Michigan

Fire Restoration Macomb Township Michigan

Fire restoration services in Michigan can be a hard project to undertake if you are not familiar or do not have experience dealing with it. If the fire restoration is not done properly you could stand a chance of worsening the fire damage. There will need to be special measures taken to make sure that the odor is eliminated and many times there will need to be repairs done to your home or business. This is the time where you need a professional to come in and give you an estimate of the work that will need to be done as well as go over any questions that you might have about the fire restoration process.

Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration

There are a few criteria you should have for the Michigan company that is going to be doing your fire restoration such as they should be licensed and insured to start with. The next criteria that you will want to look at would be the experience they have as well as the number of years they have been in business. You want a company that has been around for a while to ensure that they are not a fly by night operation and end up costing you more than just a bad job done.

There are certain steps that need to be taken in order to have proper fire restoration done properly and these companies that are out there just to make a quick buck usually fails to give you quality work which is required for fire restoration. We at Imperial Painting have been around for the past twenty years and like to take pride in the work that we do.

We give your home or business the same quality work we would our family and friends. This is how we have been in business for twenty years. We use two to three man teams so that the work is done quickly and efficiently. Fire restoration in Michigan can be a very tedious job and it is better to have multiple people looking at the work to make sure that it is done right the first time.

The next criteria that you should want are that the people that are working on your fire restoration are respectful, courteous, and professional from the start of the project to the end. This would mean they show up on time every day of the fire restoration as well as are in uniform so that you are able to identify them as workers. You should also have the full expectation that they will be diligent in their work from the time that they start till the time that they go home.

A professional will make sure that they remove the waste nightly and keep the work area clutter free so that you are not tripping over tools in that area every time you walk by. At Imperial Painting we have an instant clean up policy which states that we will leave the work area clutter free and will remove waste daily so that you can have as much cleanliness as possible in your home during the course of the fire restoration.

>Granite Installation Macomb Township Michigan

Granite Installation Macomb Township Michigan

Updating a kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to not only spruce up the entire home, but to get value in your remodel for equity in your home or to increase its value when you are ready to sell. And with new kitchens and bathrooms come new countertops. Granite has become an increasingly popular choice for counters because of its beauty, durability and versatility to match almost any décor style. If you’re looking for new counters or even an island or breakfast bar to match existing elements, contact Imperial Painting for Sterling Heights granite installations.

Granite Installation

Strong As A Rock

Granite Installation

One of granite’s best features is its durability. As a quarried natural stone, granite’s hard surfaces are difficult to scuff and scratch. The surface is also non-porous, meaning spills wipe right up, it is very hard to stain and germs and bacteria are easily swept away.

You can also set very hot or very cold pots, pans and casserole dishes right on the counter without potholders or pads. Not having to worry about damaging and thus replacing the granite definitely makes up for its higher cost, as least when compared with laminate counters.

Granite counters come in a wide variety of colors: some bright, some monotone, some in natural colors. When selecting your granite counters, you can take advantage of Imperial Painting’s color matching and designer color palate for a complete remodel and custom look. Granite can also be cut in a variety of edge styles to align with décor, like straight, beveled and bull nose.

One Pro For It All

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one contractor to execute all your household needs, from interior and exterior painting to drywall repair and tile installation? Good news! Imperial Painting is truly your one stop shop for all contracting needs. Not only do we provide top notch painting services, but we’re also a great choice for Sterling Heights granite installation.

>Insurance Repairs Macomb Township Michigan

Insurance Repairs Macomb Township Michigan

When you are faced with insurance repairs there are a number of things that are going through your mind. There are a number of different types of insurance repairs and you should find a Michigan company that is familiar with the process and have experience with insurance repairs. There are a number of different types of insurance repairs that you might need and it is generally easier to use one or two different contractors than a bunch of different companies that each specialize in only one area.

Insurance Repairs

Insurance Repairs

We at Imperial Painting are able to help with a wide range of insurance repairs such as aluminum siding painting, caulking, ceramic tile installation, deck care, deck refinishing, deck re-staining, drywall installation, drywall repair, epoxy floors, external painting, faux finishing, floating floor installation, gutter cleaning, installation of leaf protection systems, internal painting, rotted stucco panel repair, rotted wood repair, sealing, staining, varnishing, vinyl siding painting, wallpaper removal, and so much more if you do not see your need listed simply give us a call and we will let you know if we are able to assist you. After you have dealt with so much make sure that you locate a company that can assist you with insurance repairs and put your mind at ease.

Make sure when you are selecting the Michigan companies for insurance repairs that you are selecting one that will reduce your stress and not add to it. You should be able to ask questions about the work that will be done as well as get what you want at the same time. The entire project should be well explained as well as professionally done from start to finish. You deserved to be treated like a person and not just another number that needs to be done for the day.

Make sure that you are able to locate a company that cares about the work they are doing and not just about the bottom line. You should have choices and have your Michigan home or business restored to the way it was prior to the incident if not better. We at Imperial Painting understand this and strive to make sure that every project we do is done with professionalism, respect, and quality.

Make sure that when you look around you start to think about what needs to be done and make a list so that while someone is there giving you an estimate you will be able to go over all the areas and projects that you want to have completed. You will also want to make sure that the company that you select has experience with handling the work that you need for example if there is fire damage make sure the company has experience in Michigan insurance repairs that were caused by fire. This will allow you to feel comfortable as well as should relieve some of the stress of project. We at Imperial Painting take great measures to make sure that your insurance repairs goes as smoothly as possible.

>Interior / Exterior Painting Macomb Township Michigan

Interior / Exterior Painting Macomb Township Michigan

Residential Painting

There are many reasons that you might have decided to paint the exterior and/or interior of your home, commercial, or apartment. There are some that might want to give their home a makeover or breathe life back into their home. No matter the reason one should expect the best from their Michigan interior/exterior painting service company. At Imperial painting Inc., we understand there should be an expectation for quality, clean, and professional interior and exterior painting services. We have been in business for over twenty years and the person that you talk to when you call in is the owner.

Quality You Deserve From Your Local Residential Painters

Residential Painting

You should be able to expect quality service when having Michigan interior/exterior painting done such as covering your furniture with clean fresh plastic which will eliminate the chance of a dirty smelly tarp that might damage your furniture or leave an odor. One should never settle for a company that waters down their paint or skips some of the prep sanding. The difference in quality and quantity is one should expect a interior/exterior painting service to hand sand all woodwork and pole sand all walls and ceilings to ensure that you get a smooth finish. Here at Imperial Painting we understand that you should get the quality that you deserve.

You should have clean area as well as precautions taken to ensure that paint does not get on your furniture, shrubs, or other areas that it should not be. One should expect their Michigan exterior/interior painting service to clean up before they leave for the day as well as take precautions to ensure that nothing that is not to be painted gets paint on it. You should also expect the interior/exterior company that you go with to use lint free rollers to ensure that your paint will look clean when the job is completed as well. We at Imperial Painting take the cleanliness of the project seriously and have an instant clean up policy which means when we leave we make sure the area is clean and remove waste daily as well as it is free from clutter.

There should be a level of professionalism that you should expect when you are having interior/exterior painting done. No one wants to see someone working in torn up jeans and a dirty t-shirt. One should have a reasonable expectation that the people painting will show up in a uniform for several reasons. Uniforms show professionalism as well as allow you to know who should be in your home. Next one should have an expectation that the interior/exterior company you hire to be licensed and insured. Imperial Painting will make sure that the job is completed with the professionalism that you should expect.

>Leaf Protection Systems Macomb Township Michigan

Leaf Protection Systems Macomb Township Michigan

If you’ve cleaned your gutters recently, you may be thinking that there has to be a better way to keep your gutters clean of plant debris and allergens while still keeping your home safe from water damage and flooding. After all, standing on top of a ladder, pulling leaves, branches and who knows what else out of your gutters is not exactly how you want to spend your weekend or free time. But it’s necessary and important to keep your home safe. Imperial Painting has the answer with Sterling Heights leaf protection systems.

Leaf Protection Systems

Leaf Protection Systems

With the leaf protection system, you no longer have to worry about spillover, icicles or clogged gutters. Imperial Painting will clean and maintain your gutters for you, ensuring they are in working condition, working for you, all the time. Nothing beats regular gutter cleanings, but who has the time? With scheduled, regular maintenance and the leaf protection systems, you know your foundation and family will be protected.

One Call For It All

As a family owned and operated company in Sterling Heights, MI, Imperial Painting strives to be your go-to contractor for painting, power washing, interior repairs, remodeling, gutter cleaning and leaf protection systems. Our customer service, price matching, designer color matching and exceptional service are a fresh approach to household contracting.

>Power Washing Macomb Township Michigan

Power Washing Macomb Township Michigan

Why do you need power washing? There are many reasons that you may consider hiring a professional power washing contractor. First, it can save you time and money by extending the life of your paint. This means that you will be able to go longer periods between exterior or house painting.

Power washing also creates a clean and healthy area for your friends, family, pets and/or customers to enjoy. It allows for you to remove any visible algae or mold, as well as the spores that they spawn.

Any algae or mildew left untreated can actually lead to cracking, fading, peeling, discoloration and crumbling to your exterior paint, so it’s important to eliminate the problem when you see it.

Power Washing

Who To Call?

Power Washing

When selecting a Sterling Heights power washing contractor, look for two basic traits. You should have an exact time that the contractor will arrive at your home or business, not a window, and the contractor should not be late. Your time is important and they should consider that. Next, make sure the contractor takes the time to explain what they will be doing, a timeline, and provides a detailed [free] estimate explaining all the costs.

Requirements for Sterling Heights Power Washing

There are some other requirements you should have that are not over the top requests, just simple requirements to show that you are being respected as a client and not just another number they have to get through. There are basic common courtesies that the company you select to assist with your power washing needs should provide for you.

One main requirement that you should have is a direct time that they will arrive at your home or business. Your time is just as important as theirs and they should consider that if they give you a response that they will be there between certain hours. At Imperial Painting, we take one step further as to not only set a time that we agree upon to come to your home, we will also call you if, for any reason, we might be late. You should never have to settle for being squeezed in between other customers at the Michigan company you choose for your power washing needs you should be able to find a time that works for you, not them.

We at Imperial Painting want to make sure that you are completely informed about everything that is included with your power washing service. We take the time to answer any question you might have so that you get the service you want with great results.

>Staining & Varnishing Macomb Township Michigan

Staining & Varnishing Macomb Township Michigan

If you have ever done a staining and varnishing services in Michigan project before you know about the potential mess there can be if it is not done right as well as the fact that it may not look so great if one is not paying attention to details. When you need a staining and varnishing project completed there are basic features that you will want to look for in the company that is selected for your staining and varnishing job. These features should include professionalism, references, and experience.

Staining & Varnishing

Staining & Varnishing

Depending on what you need to be stained and varnished you may need to make sure that the company that you choose is detailed oriented as well as professional. You will want to locate a staining and varnishing services in Michigan company that is responsible and will not be “joking” around instead of getting the work done or causing a mess that may not be able to be cleaned. When you select a staining and varnishing company they should be able to tell you what measures will be taken to ensure that other items in the area will not be stained. We at Imperial Painting have a reputation for being professional as well as detail oriented. Which will come in handy for any smaller staining and varnishing projects you may need done.

When you select a staining and varnishing services in Michigan company you will want to make sure that they have references that you are able to call to ensure that they know what they are doing. Companies should have regular people that are willing to say they trust and would recommend them for your job. This will also allow you to ensure that they are truthful with any claims that they are making. References will also allow you to see what kind of work they are capable of. Imperial Painting has a list of references that they can show you if you request that will allow you to see what they can do as well as see how many of their customers are willing to refer them or would use them again.

The staining and varnishing services in Michigan company that you select should have experience with staining and varnishing projects. You should be able to ask them any question and get an answer. This will shove their level of experience as well as their level of knowledge of staining and varnishing. You should never be confused about the project or pricing when you hire the right company because they should be able to go over the information you need and answer any questions that you might have. At Imperial Painting we take the time and through ally go over the job as well as the estimate for the work so there is no hidden cost and you are informed on what will be done. We have found this is the best way to make sure that you are getting what you want. You should never feel like just another number when you want work done on your home or business.

>Rotted Stucco Panel Repair Macomb Township Michigan

Rotted Stucco Panel Repair Macomb Township Michigan

Rotted Stucco Panel Repair

Rotted Stucco Panel Repair

There’s no better way to show pride of homeownership than by displaying a stunning, pristine home exterior. But what happens when time, weather and the elements wear away at your home’s siding? If you have stucco on the exterior of your home, this could mean the siding is rotting away and crumbling. Imperial Painting is your partner for Sterling Heights rotted stucco panel repair.

Stucco Basics

Stucco, or sometimes referred to as EIFS (exterior insulation finish system), was first invented in Europe after World War II when contractors needed a quick and inexpensive way to repair the stone, concrete and brick buildings that were damaged during the war. Stucco siding later became popular in this country in the 1980’s and is now a common choice for many home builders, especially in the southwest. Stucco is most often used as an exterior finish for both commercial and residential properties.

The Problem with Stucco

Rotted stucco usually comes from stucco or EIFS that was applied to wood framing rather than concrete structures. In high moisture areas, the wood framing under the stucco can rot, leading the stucco itself to also rot and fall away. The only viable solution to repairing rotted stucco is to professionally replace it and any rotted building frame underneath. Simply sealing or caulking the rotted stucco will only seal moisture in and further the damage to your home, including the potential for mold growth.

Imperial Painting is very familiar with rotted stucco panels and how to properly repair them. We’re not only your best choice for interior and exterior painting, but we are ideal for Sterling Heights rotted stucco panel repair and repair for other exterior sidings.

>Vinyl Siding Painting Macomb Township Michigan

Vinyl Siding Painting Macomb Township Michigan

Vinyl Siding Painting

Vinyl is a popular exterior siding choice – it’s budget friendly, low maintenance and durable. Yet just like any other exterior home material, it’s not invincible and it can certainly show its age and wear. Instead of replacing the vinyl siding, why not just give it a facelift? When properly done by professionals like Imperial Painting, painting vinyl siding can last as long as 10 years. Painting over vinyl siding is different than painting aluminum siding, stucco, wood lap or any other exterior material, which is another reason to consult with pro. We employ a three step process to painting your vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Painting

Step 1: Clean Surface

The most important part of painting vinyl siding is to start with a clean surface. We’ll use a three-prong cleaning approach. A pressure washer will quickly and efficiently knock the chipped and peeling paint off the surface. We’ll also use TSP where appropriate to cut down on mildew growth. Then we’ll scrap any areas with loose paint still remaining. And finally we’ll sand the areas where paint fell away and the original material is showing through. This gives the surface something for the primer and paint to adhere to.

Step 2: Prime and Caulk

A high-quality primer will be applied to protect the surface and give an even base for the paint. It also helps the paint bond to the siding. Then we’ll use an acrylic caulk to seal any cracks less than 1/8 inch thick, like around windows, door trims and chimneys.

Step 3: Time to Paint!

First, we’ll mask off any areas that will not be painted, like windows, and we’ll cover nearby plants and shrubs. This protects everything in the vicinity when we use the paint sprayer. The paint we use for vinyl siding is a 100% acrylic house paint, which offers the best coating and adhesion on vinyl. When you select a paint color, it’s important to select a color lighter than the original vinyl color. Darker colors can absorb more heat from the sun and actually cause the vinyl to warp.

Why Choose a Professional?

Choosing to hire and work with a professional painting contractor comes with many benefits. Because the contractor’s cost will include all the necessary equipment and crew, you could really save money over having to buy everything yourself – from pressure washers to ladders and paint. The crew will be experienced in exactly the type of paint you need for the surface, like vinyl siding, and the Sterling area weather conditions. Having a professional work on the project will be more efficient than attempting to do it yourself, again, saving you money and time.

When you’re ready to update or enhance your vinyl siding, contact Imperial Painting. As EPA certified renovators, we can paint new homes as well as older homes, all while keeping your family and the environment safe from lead and lead dust. Customer service is just as important to us as our attention to detail, just ask any one of our customers whose reviews made us an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner.

>Wallpaper Removal Macomb Township Michigan

Wallpaper Removal Macomb Township Michigan

You may have wallpaper that is faded, peeling, old, cracking or just want a new look. Removing wallpaper and applying a fresh coat of paint can make an old dark room look new again! Even though it’s a tedious and messy job, wallpaper removal can be a DIY project if you know the right procedure to follow.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the know how and most of all, the patience to remove wallpaper, you might ruin your walls and have to deal with expensive repairs. This is when you need the assistance of a Michigan company that does wallpaper removal.

At Imperial Painting, we have 20 years of experience removing wallpaper. Wallpaper removal, like other home improvement jobs, can require more effort than initially thought and it is important that the proper steps are taken to ensure you will not have problems with your newly painted walls.

Our trained professionals can provide this service, without any problems. Large items are moved to the center of the room and covered with fresh plastic. All floors and runways are covered with drop cloths to ensure that your flooring is protected as well as your furnishings.

Our trained professionals wet the surface of each wall with a mixture of hot water and an enzyme based wallpaper remover. The enzyme breaks down the starch in the adhesive, and allows the old paper to be removed. Once the wallpaper is off our trained professionals wash down the walls to remove paste. Walls are scraped, loose paint and/or drywall is removed and patched. Surface defects such as gouges, cracks, nail pops, and any kind surface imperfections are addressed accordingly.

Prior to painting a previously wallpapered surface, our trained professionals will apply a coat of oil base sealer to seal any paste residue left behind after the walls were washed. This is to provide a proper substrate for the painting of these previously wallpapered surfaces. It eliminates any problems during and after the painting process.

Our wallpaper removal services in Michigan are available for your full house or for just one room, no matter if your home is new or old.

Residential Painting

Why you should hire Imperial Painting for your wallpaper removal.

wallpaper removal

When you are selecting the Michigan company that you want for wallpaper removal you would ideally want a company that is able to get the job done in a clean, timely, and professional manner. You should realize there is a large amount of mess that is associated with wallpaper removal and when you select a company they should clean up the waste every day before leaving. You should also make sure that the company that is doing the wallpaper removal makes sure their work area is free from clutter. This is a simple task and goes a long way to show how they respect your home or business. You do not want to see a huge mess every day until the project is completed and you should not have to.

We at IMPERIAL PAINTING take the time to make sure that our work area is clutter free and clean when we leave every day. We also make sure that we remove the waste every day so that you do not have to see it or deal with it. This is just a basic common courtesy that many of the companies out there might not think about.

With 20 years of experience, you can count on Imperial Painting to provide top notch painting services at a fair price. We provide our customers with cost effective solutions for any size budget. We present you with choices and outline the pros and cons. We provide a quality wallpaper removal service that you should expect from the company that treats its customers with “Courtesy, Respect, and Professionalism”.

>Wood Repair Macomb Township Michigan

Wood Repair Macomb Township Michigan

Whether you have wood that has rotted from simple age and harsh weather conditions, or you’ve experienced recent water damage or a wood-demolishing bug attack, taking on rotten wood repair may seem daunting. Good thing there’s Imperial Painting to help with your Sterling Heights rotten wood repair!

Wood Repair

Evaluate, Repair, Replace

Wood Repair

Rotten wood can appear anywhere and seemingly out of nowhere. You may find it on your porch or deck, stairs or beams on your ceiling. Although it can feel like your home is crumbling around you, rest assured that rotten wood can be repaired or replaced.

When you call us to repair your rotten wood, we take a three-prong approach. First, we’ll evaluate the rotten wood. Rotting wood caused by termites or ants will be different than wood that has rotted from water damage. And often times the rot goes beyond what you can see, so we’ll look for other damage around your home. Once we inspect, we will make a plan for repair.

When we fix rotten wood, we think it’s also critical to take steps to keep rot from returning to that same spot and other wood in your home. Prevention is an important piece of the puzzle. If any damage cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, especially for structural integrity, we will advise and assist you with that element, as well.

Full-Service Contractor

Imperial Painting is a full-service contractor providing Sterling Heights rotten wood repair, deck refinishing, interior painting, exterior painting, drywall repair and more. We are EPA certified renovators with the experience to tackle any home repair project.

Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

We service all of Southeast Michigan including: Macomb Twp., Shelby Twp., Washington Twp., Birmingham, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights, Bloomfield, Auburn Hills, Chesterfield, New Baltimore, Clinton Twp., Troy, West Bloomfield, Fraser, and Warren Michigan.

Our services include Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Power Washing, House Painting, Wallpaper Removal, Deck Care, Deck Refinishing, Deck Re staining, Aluminum Siding Painting, Vinyl Siding Painting, Drywall Repair, Drywall Installation, Plaster Repair, Caulking, Sealing, Varnishing, Staining, Insurance Repairs, Smoke Damage Repair, Custom Color Matching, Rotted Wood Repair, Rotted Stucco Panel Repair, Ceramic Tile Installation, Faux Finishing, Granite Installations, Installation of Leaf Protection Systems, Finished Basements and many more.

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Our services include: Interior & Exterior Painting, Power Washing, Wallpaper Removal, Deck Care, Aluminum Siding Painting, Vinyl Siding Painting, Drywall Repair, Plaster Repair, Varnishing, Staining, Insurance Repairs, Smoke Damage Repair, Custom Color Matching, Rotted Wood Repair, Rotted Stucco Panel Repair, and more.

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