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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Commercial Paintings Best Choice

Commercial Paintings Best Choice

Imperial Painting

Imperial Painting

Serving Sterling Heights & Surrounding Communities

There are many reasons that you might have decided to paint the exterior and/or interior of your home, commercial, or apartment. There are some that might want to give their home a makeover or breathe life back into their home. No matter the reason one should expect the best from their Michigan interior/exterior painting service company. At Imperial painting Inc., we understand there should be an expectation for quality, clean, and professional interior and exterior painting services. We have been in business since 1992 and the person that you talk to when you call in is the owner.

Quality You Deserve From Your Local Residential Painters

Commercial painting contractors work with an obligation to the public providing professional business services. When a commercial painting service arrives on your site, you expect work will be completed with quality and attention to detail as well as having your facility protected and preserved.

Imperial Painting is a commercial painting company in Sterling Heights holding itself to these standards. As a commercial painting company with a list of over 200 verifiable references and numerous online five-star reviews, Imperial Painting is among the top commercial painting companies in the Detroit area.

The commitment we offer you is simple and outlined in our policy to:

  • Conduct business with high levels of professionalism
  • Enhance value with innovative solutions
  • Commit to ongoing professional excellence through training and education
  • Follow federal, state, and local business law practices
  • Follow laws and regulations regarding safe storage and disposal of materials related to painting and coating

Imperial Painting Sterling Heights | Where the details of commercial painting matter most

When you are considering a commercial painting service some of the most important considerations to consider are:

  • Measurement and estimating
  • The aesthetics of paint color
  • Benchmarking and samples
  • Job sequencing

Commercial Painting | Measuring and estimating

There is a relationship between the amount of area to be covered and the amount of labor and materials required. That means your commercial painting contractor must use consistent methods of measurement. Labor rates and materials are then accurately recorded.

Imperial painting has the estimating experience ensuring you continuous surface coverage regardless of surface curvature, change of direction of the surface, and uniformity of the surface.

We know Similar surfaces should have similar coating and application methods. Knowing this, an accurate estimate is established.

The aesthetics of paint color | Commercial painting cost and the affect of color and color range

The number of colors and color ranges, and where they are placed affect not only the ambience of the area, they affect costs too. It isn’t the intent to limit the choice of colors, but instead to make the client aware of how colors and their choices will affect the overall job outcome.

More paint colors require more labor and as materials go, costs of materials go up as the color of the material deepens.

Benchmarking and samples | Commercial painting quality assurance

Specific coating and paint materials offer a specific level of achievable quality. That’s why a good commercial painting company will fully explain the standards and procedures for applying a coating or paint to a surface. Samples provide insight to the preparation and application of the coating or paint and demonstrate the best level of quality achievable with that product.

Imperial Painting in Sterling Heights gets the job done right | Sequencing of commercial painting applications

Commercial painting is more than just slapping a coat or two of paint on a surface and letting it dry. Estimating the proper materials and application for your job will a have long lasting impact on durability and appearance. When a commercial painting company does a job right your facility receives a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing appearance you can be proud of. When a commercial painting company does the job wrong you get a frustrating waste of money.

Call Imperial Painting in Sterling Heights, we are the commercial painting company in the Detroit area that does the job right.

Let’s face it, there are many painting contractors out there and unless you were referred to us from someone you know and trust you don’t know much about us.

The process of finding the right contractor for your business can be difficult, frustrating and confusing. Due diligence is of the upmost importance. So, you begin your search (online, possibly ask friends and relatives etc.) and eventually get 3 estimates. If cost is the deciding factor, the choice is easy – you choose the least expensive estimate. But if value is your deciding factor – the highest quality of work for the amount you are prepared to spend - the choice is not as clear. Almost all contactors claim that they provide “high quality” & “quality craftsmanship”. So how do you choose the right one?

At Imperial Painting Inc., we believe quality work should be a given! As contractors, we are in the service industry. Besides our skills, shouldn’t we also be delivering on service?

Quality Work combined with Top Notch Customer Service is what separates us from our competitors.

As with your home, the color you choose for your office can have a major effect on both clients and employees. Color can often affect us on a subliminal level and put us in a certain mood without our even realizing what is going on. The color you choose to decorate with can create either a good or bad impression of your business. It’s important to avoid a bad impression and highlight the good qualities of your business, whether that’s professionalism, style, values, and more. As such, the color(s) you use in your office should be tailored to the type of business being conducted in that particular space.

At Imperial Painting Inc. in Sterling Heights, MI, we emphasize comprehensive and professional painting and home improvement so that your business gives a good impression, every time. We’ll work with you through every step of the painting process, making sure that you’re completely satisfied with the result.

Quality Painting for Businesses

Natural colors such as cream and beige can go a long way to setting the right tone to both clients and employees. However, these natural colors can give the impression that your work is boring and dull. Tamper the natural colors with more vibrant hues.

Blue is often a good choice for an office as it connotes honesty, security, confidence, loyalty, and wisdom. Green, on the other hand, is calming and suggestive of security while dark green is often used to show wealth and prestige. Whatever your choice, it’s always a good idea to add some of the complementary colors – orange with blue or red with green – to balance the dominant effects of your choice.

Paint Colors and Your Commercial Property

Having discussed color choice, please keep in mind that not all businesses will benefit by using the above-mentioned colors. Some offices need to examine the degree of seriousness under which they operate and make use of the color that is appropriate. As a general rule, the brighter the color the less serious is the business. So, for example, a children’s restaurant like Chuck E. Cheese would have no problem using very bright primary colors while a lawyer’s office would want to convey a more serious attitude and would, therefore, make use of more muted colors.

In addition, when choosing an office color, consider factors such as client age, cultural background, and sex. These will help you to determine what color is best for you.

  • We have a “No Deposit Policy”. Only a contractor with confidence in their work would make this offer. We may not be your lowest quote, but we are certain we are the greater value.
  • We are fully licensed by the State of Michigan, #2101131928
  • Lead safety certified, #R128484104319
  • Fully Insured (Workman’s Comp & Business Liability Insurance)
  • We provide you with a list of over 250 verifiable references.
  • Over 130 “Five Star” reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages & more
  • We have written company procedures detailing the process for every interior & exterior painting job, which demonstrates our commitment to quality & consistency in workmanship.
  • You will receive a written, comprehensive, free quote.
  • No hidden costs. You pay what you have been quoted unless “Scope of Work” changes.
  • We use premium tape (3M, Frog Tape for crisp lines), premium Siliconized 60-yr rated caulk (prevent cracking) & premium Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints for durability.
  • We provide guaranteed “On-Time” performance from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm daily, Mon – Fri.
  • We respect your home/workplace. Floors, furniture, appliances, cabinets, hardware & light fixtures are protected/masked/covered as needed to remain paint & dust free!
  • Seasoned, uniformed painting crew – no subcontractors courteous, respectful & professional!
  • Family owned company. One on one direct interaction with owners from estimate to completion.
  • Prompt responses to your questions or concerns and we will address them immediately.
  • You’ll be happy to know that we approach our business from the customer’s perspective. For us, painting is the by-product of what we do. Customer service is our business! We are committed to earning – not assuming – your business and becoming your painting contractor of choice.

Whether it's residential painting, commercial painting, institutional painting or apartment painting, we are YOUR painting contractors!

Contact us NOW for Your FREE, no obligation Estimate!

Our Services

Our Services

Professional Painting Contractor

Professional Painting Contractor

Choosing a professional for your painting project is a smart decision. Many people try to attempt the task themselves and wind up calling us to redo or repair the work. We follow a simple yet structured workflow to create stunning results. With every project over $3,500, we will provide a free one hour design consultation for your project.

Do you need help picking out your new colors?

Need professional help picking your colors out? Call today to see how you can receive a FREE one hour session with our interior design team!

Call Today

Do you need help picking out your new colors?

Need professional help picking your colors out? Call today to see how you can receive a FREE one hour session with our interior design team!

Call Today

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